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Nevada Elementary Schools – A-I – List of Nevada Elementary Schools

Elementary School Listings A-I in Nevada
Adams Kirk Elementary Adcock O. K. Elementary
Agassi College Prep Charter Alamo Elementary
Allen Elementary Allen Lois Elementary
Amargosa Valley Elementary Anderson Elementary
Antonello Lee Elementary Austin Elementary
Bailey Charter Elementary Baker Elementary
Bartlett Selma Elementary Bass John Elementary
Beasley Elementary Beatty Elementary
Beatty Elementary Beck Jessie Elementary
Beckley Will Elementary Bell Rex Elementary
Bendorf Patricia Elementary Bennett Esther Elementary
Bennett William Elementary Best E. C. Elementary
Bilbray James Elementary Black Mary Elementary
Blue Diamond Elementary Bonner Elementary
Booker Kermit Elementary Booth Libby Elementary
Bordewich/Bray Elementary Bowler Grant Elementary
Bowler Joseph Elementary Bracken Walter Elementary
Brookman Elementary Brown Elementary
Bruner Lucile Elementary Bryan Richard Elementary
Bryan Roger Elementary Bunker Berkeley Elementary
Cahlan Marion Elementary Caliente Elementary
Cambeiro Elementary Cannan Rita Elementary
Carl Kay Elementary Carlin Elementary
Carson Kit Elementary Cartwright Elementary
Caughlin Ranch Elementary Christensen Elementary
Corbett Roger Elementary Cortez Manueles Elementary
Cottage Elementary Cottonwood Elementary
Cox Clyde Elementary Cox David Elementary
Cozine Elementary Craig Lois Elementary
Crescent Valley Elementary Crestwood Elementary
Culley Paul Elementary Cunningham Cynthia Elementary
Dailey Jack Elementary Darnell Marshall Elementary
Dayton Elementary Dearing Laura Elementary
Decker Clarabelle Elementary Denio Elementary
Derfelt Herbert Elementary Desert Heights Elementary
Desert Willow Elementary Deskin Ruthe Elementary
Detwiler Ollie Elementary Diedrichsen Lloyd Elementary
Diskin Pat Elementary Dodson Edwin Elementary
Dondero Harvey Elementary Donner Springs Elementary
Dooley John Elementary Double Diamond Elementary
Drake Florence Elementary Duckwater Elementary
Duncan Glenn Elementary Dunn Katherine Elementary
Dyer Elementary Earl Ira Elementary
Earl Marion Elementary Echo Loder Elementary
Edwards Elbert Elementary Eisenberg Dorothy Elementary School
Elizondo Raul Elementary Elko Grammar #2
Elmcrest Elementary Empire Elementary
Esl At Traner Eureka Elementary
Fernley Elementary Ferron William Elementary
Fitzgerald H P Elementary Fong Wing & Lilly Elementary
Fremont John C. Elementary French Doris Elementary
Frias Charles & Phyllis Elementary Fritsch Edith W. Elementary
Fyfe Ruth Elementary Gabbs Elementary
Gallagher Elementary Galloway Faye Elementary
Gardnerville Elementary Garehime Edith Elementary
Gehring Elementary Gibson James Elementary
Gilbert C V T Elementary Gleason Center
Goldfarb Don Elementary Goldfield Elementary
Gomes Nancy Elementary Gomm Roy Elementary
Goodsprings Elementary Gragson Oran Elementary
Grass Valley Elementary Gray R Guild Elementary
Greenbrae Elementary Griffith E W Elementary
Guy Addeliar Elementary Hafen Elementary
Hancock Doris Elementary Harmon Harley Elementary
Harris George Elementary Hawthorne Primary
Hayes Keith & Karen Elementary Heard Lomie Elementary
Heckethorn Howard Elementary Herr Helen Elementary
Herron Fay Elementary Hewetson Halle Elementary
Hidden Valley Elementary Hill Charlotte Elementary
Hillside Elementary Hinman Edna Elementary
Hoggard Mabel Elementary Hollingsworth Howard Elementary
Huffaker Elementary Hunsburger Elementary
Hunter Lake Elementary Imlay Elementary
Incline Elementary Independence Valley Elementary
Indian Springs Elementary Iverson Elementary