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Nevada Elementary Schools – J-R – List of Nevada Elementary Schools

Elementary School Listings J-R in Nevada
Jackpot Elementary Jacks Valley Elementary
Jacobson Walter Elementary Johnson Ernest Elementary
Johnson J G Elementary Juniper Lena Elementary
Jydstrup Helen Elementary Kahre Marc Elementary
Katz Edythe & Lloyd Elementary Kelly Matt Elementary
Kesterson Lorna Elementary Kim Frank Elementary
King`s River Elementary King Martha Elementary
King Martin Elementary Lahontan Elementary
Lake Robert Elementary Lamping Frank Elementary
Lemmon Valley Elementary Lenz Elizabeth Elementary
Leonard Creek Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Park Elementary Long Walter Elementary
Lovelock Elementary Lowman Mary & Zel Elementary
Lummis William Elementary Lund Elementary
Lundy Elementary Luntrobert Elementary
Lynch Elementary Mack Nate Elementary
Mackey JO Elementary Manch J. E. Elementary
Manse Elementary Mariposa Academy Charter School
Mark Twain Elementary Martinez Reynaldo Elementary
Mathews Bernice Elementary Maxwell Alice Elementary
May Ernest Elementary Mccall Quannah Elementary
Mccaw Gordan Elementary Mcdermitt Elementary
Mcdoniel Estes Elementary Mcgill Elementary
Mcmillan James Elementary Mcwilliams J T Elementary
Melton Rolland Elementary Mendoza John Elementary
Meneley C. C. Elementary Miller Sandy Searles Elementary
Minden Elementary Mitchell Andrew Elementary
Mitchell Robert Elementary Montello Elementary
Montessori Charter School Moore William Elementary
Morrow Sue Elementary Moss Marvin Elementary
Mound Valley Elementary Mountain View Elementary
Mountain View Elementary MT Rose Elementary
Mt. Charleston Elementary Natchez Elementary
Neal Joseph Elementary Newton Ulis Elementary
Norman David Elementary Northside Elementary
Northside Elementary Numa Elementary
NV Leadership Academy Charter Ober William Elementary
Orovada Elementary Owyhee Elementary
Pahranagat Valley Elementary Palmer Virginia Elementary
Panaca Elementary Paradise Elementary
Paradise Valley Elementary Park John Elementary
Parson Elementary Peavine Elementary
Perkins Ute Elementary Petan Ranch School
Peterson Dean Elementary Picollo Marvin School
Pierce Eliza Elementary Piggott Clarence Elementary
Pinon Hills Elementary Pioche Elementary
Pittman Vail Elementary Pleasant Valley Elementary
Prekindergarten Prog Priest Richard Elementary
Red Rock Elementary Reed Doris Elementary
Reid Harry Elementary Rhodes Elementary
Risley Agnes Elementary Roberts Aggie Elementary
Rogers Lucille Elementary Ronnow C C Elementary
Ronzone Bertha Elementary Round Mountain Elementary
Rowe Lewis Elementary Ruby Valley Elementary
Rundle Richard Elementary