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Clark County School District - Las Vegas, Nevada - Public School District

Phone - 702-799-5310
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Clark County School District School District

Public Schools in This District

Academy Of Individualized Study
Adams Kirk Elementary
Adcock O. K. Elementary
Advance Tech Academy
Agassi College Prep Charter
Alamo Elementary
Allen Elementary
Antonello Lee Elementary
Area Tech Trade Ctr
Bartlett Selma Elementary
Basic HS
Bass John Elementary
Beatty Elementary
Becker Ernest Midsch
Beckley Will Elementary
Bell Rex Elementary
Bendorf Patricia Elementary
Bennett William Elementary
Bilbray James Elementary
Biltmore Continuation - Opportunity
Blue Diamond Elementary
Bonanza HS
Bonner Elementary
Booker Kermit Elementary
Boulder City HS
Bowler Grant Elementary
Bowler Joseph Elementary
Bracken Walter Elementary
Bridger Midsch
Brinley Midsch
Brookman Elementary
Brown B Mahlon Midsch
Bruner Lucile Elementary
Bryan Richard Elementary
Bryan Roger Elementary
Bunker Berkeley Elementary
Burk Credit Retrieval - Horizon West HS
Burkholder Midsch
Cadwallader Ralph Midsch
Cahlan Marion Elementary
Cambeiro Elementary
Canarellilawrence & Heidi Midsch
Cannon Helen Midsch
Carl Kay Elementary
Carson Kit Elementary
Cartwright Elementary
Cashman James Midsch
Centennial HS
Chaparral HS
Cheyenne HS
Child Haven
Christensen Elementary
Cimarron-Memorial HS
Clark County Team Academy
Clark ED HS
Com College East HS
Com College South HS
Com College West HS
Continuation School
Continuation South - Opportunity
Coronado HS
Cortez Manueles Elementary
Cortney Francis Midsch
Cowan - Sunset So HS
Cowan Academic Center Behavior Program
Cowan Credit Retrieval - Horizon South HS
Cox Clyde Elementary
Cox David Elementary
Cozine Elementary
Craig Lois Elementary
Cram Midsch
Crestwood Elementary
Culley Paul Elementary
Cunningham Cynthia Elementary
Dailey Jack Elementary
Darnell Marshall Elementary
Dearing Laura Elementary
Decker Clarabelle Elementary
Derfelt Herbert Elementary
Desert Pines HS
Desert Willow Elementary
Desert Willow Sec
Deskin Ruthe Elementary
Detention Prog
Detwiler Ollie Elementary
Diskin Pat Elementary
Dondero Harvey Elementary
Dooley John Elementary
Durango HS
Earl Ira Elementary
Earl Marion Elementary
Edwards Elbert Elementary
Eisenberg Dorothy Elementary School
Eldorado HS
Elizondo Raul Elementary
Explore Knowledge Academy Charter
Ferron William Elementary
Fertitta Midsch
Fitzgerald H P Elementary
Fong Wing & Lilly Elementary
Foothill HS
Freedom Prog Impact - Alternative
Fremont John Midsch
French Doris Elementary
Frias Charles & Phyllis Elementary
Fyfe Ruth Elementary
Galloway Faye Elementary
Garehime Edith Elementary
Garrett Elton Midsch
Garside Frank Midsch
Gehring Elementary
Gibson James Elementary
Gibson Robert Midsch
Gilbert C V T Elementary
Goldfarb Don Elementary
Goodsprings Elementary
Gragson Oran Elementary
Gray R Guild Elementary
Green Valley HS
Greenspun Midsch
Griffith E W Elementary
Guinn Kenney Midsch
Guy Addeliar Elementary
Hancock Doris Elementary
Harmon Harley Elementary
Harney Midsch
Harris George Elementary
Hayes Keith & Karen Elementary
Heard Lomie Elementary
Heckethorn Howard Elementary
Herr Helen Elementary
Herron Fay Elementary
Hewetson Halle Elementary
Hill Charlotte Elementary
Hinman Edna Elementary
Hoggard Mabel Elementary
Hollingsworth Howard Elementary
Horizon Satellite HS
Hughes Charles Arthur Midsch
Hyde Park Midsch
Indian Springs Elementary
Indian Springs HS
Indian Springs Midsch
Iverson Elementary
Jacobson Walter Elementary
Jeffery Credit Retrieval - Horizon North HS
Jeffrey - Sunset No HS
Johnson Midsch
Jydstrup Helen Elementary
Kahre Marc Elementary
Katz Edythe & Lloyd Elementary
Keller Midsch
Kelly Matt Elementary
Kesterson Lorna Elementary
Keystone Charter School
Kim Frank Elementary
King Martha Elementary
King Martin Elementary
Knudson K O Midsch
Lake Robert Elementary
Lamping Frank Elementary
Las Vegas HS
Laughlin HS
Lawrence Midsch
Leavitt Judge M E Midsch
Liberty High
Lied Midsch
Lincoln Elementary
Long Walter Elementary
Lowman Mary & Zel Elementary
Lummis William Elementary
Lundy Elementary
Luntrobert Elementary
LV Academy
Lynch Elementary
Lyon Mack Midsch
Mack Nate Elementary
Mackey JO Elementary
Manch J. E. Elementary
Martin Roy Midsch
Martinez Reynaldo Elementary
May Ernest Elementary
Mccall Quannah Elementary
Mccaw Gordan Elementary
Mcdoniel Estes Elementary
Mcmillan James Elementary
Mcwilliams J T Elementary
Mendoza John Elementary
Miley Achievement Ctr Sec School
Miller Bob Midsch
Miller John
Miller Sandy Searles Elementary
Mitchell Andrew Elementary
Moapa Valley HS
Mojave HS
Molasky Irwin & Susan Midsch
Monaco Midsch
Moore William Elementary
Morris - Sunset East HS
Morris Academy Behavior Program
Morris W & V Credit Retrieval/Behav
Morrow Sue Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Neal Joseph Elementary
Newton Ulis Elementary
O'callaghan Mike Midsch
Ober William Elementary
Odyssey Charter School
Odyssey Sec Charter
Opportunity Jefferson
Orr William Midsch
Palo Verde HS
Paradise Elementary
Park John Elementary
Parson Elementary
Perkins Ute Elementary
Peterson Center Behavior Program
Peterson Credit Retrieval HS - Horizon
Peterson Dean Elementary
Piggott Clarence Elementary
Pittman Vail Elementary
Priest Richard Elementary
Rancho HS
Red Rock Elementary
Reed Doris Elementary
Reid Harry Elementary
Rhodes Elementary
Roberts Aggie Elementary
Robison Dell Midsch
Rogers Lucille Elementary
Rogich Sig Midsch
Ronnow C C Elementary
Ronzone Bertha Elementary
Rowe Lewis Elementary
Rundle Richard Elementary
Sandy Valley Elementary
Sandy Valley Midsch
Sawyer Grant Midsch
Schofield Jack Midsch
Sedway Midsch
Seigle-Early Childhood Prog
Sewell Chester Elementary
Shadow Ridge HS
Sierra Vista HS
Silverado HS
Silvestri Charlesmidsch
Smith Hal Elementary
Smith Helen Elementary
Smith J. D. Midsch
Snyder William Elementary
So Nevada Voc Tech Ctr
Spring Mtn Juvenile Home
Squires C P Elementary
Stanford Elementary
Staton Ethel Elementary
Stewart Helen School
Summitt View Yth Ctr
Sunrise Acres Elementary
Swainston Theron Midsch
Tarr Sheila Elementary
Tate Myrtle Elementary
Taylor Glen Elementary
Taylor Robert Elementary
Third Cottage Juv Court Schools
Thomas Ruby Elementary
Thorpe Jim Elementary
Tobler R.e. Elementary
Tomiyasu Bill Elementary
Treem Harriet Elementary
Twin Lakes Elementary
Twitchel Neil Elementary
Ullom Jim Elementary
Valley HS
Vanderburg Elementary
Variety Elementary
Variety School
Vegas Verdes Elementary
Virgin Valley Elementary
Virgin Valley HS
Von Tobel ED Midsch
Walker Elementary
Ward Gene Elementary
Warren Rose Elementary
Wasden Howard Elementary
Washington Continuation - Opportunity
Watson Fredric Elementary
Wengert Cyril Elementary
West Midsch
Western HS
White Thurman Midsch
Whitney Elementary
Wiener Louis Elementary
Wilhelm Elizabeth Elementary
Williams Tom Elementary
Williams Wendall Elementary
Wolfe Eva Elementary
Wolff Elise Elementary
Woodbury C. W. Midsch
Wooley Gwendolyn Elementary
Wynn Elaine Elementary
Clark County School District School District Data
County of Location: Clark
Number of Schools in This District: 298
Student/Teacher ratio:
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 270,529
Total Males: 138,939
Total Females: 131,577
American Indian Students: 2,315
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 21,147
African Americans: 38,156
Hispanic: 89,816
White: 119,082
Total Staff: 21,049
Fulltime Teachers: 13,483
Ungraded Teachers: 1,764
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 289
Kindergarten Teachers: 414
Elementary Teachers: 5,964
Secondary Teachers: 5,053
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 123
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 328
Total Guidance Counselors: 452
LEA Administrators: 144
School Administrators: 741
LEA Admin Support Staff: 506
School Admin Support Staff: 831
Student Support Services Staff: 429
Other Support Staff: 2,970
Library Media Support Staff: 98
Librarians Media Specialists: 244
Instructional Aides - Total: 1,065
Instructional Coordinators: 87

Clark County School District School District Headquarters Map